CNC Milling 2D, 3D, 5D

Professional Hurco machining centers

Wide range of machines

CAD/CAM projects


Production for industry

Parts and mechanical assemblies

Injection molds, blow molds, termoforming molds

Technical documentation and prototypes

CAD / CAM designs

Cutting dies

12 years

of experience in the trade

circa 1000

satisfied customers

over 2000

accomplished projects


SpecialTech of Krakow means professional machining performed by experienced specialists and with the use of professional tools.

Our services include CNC milling (including 2-, 3-, 5-axis CNC engraving, tapping/threading and cutting), turning (including drilling and grooving), welding (MIG/MAG/TIG) and painting. We offer efficient and precise CNC machining of non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics, wood and many other materials – we give them shapes and properties according to our customers’ expectations; each order is processed completely individually.

We also run an online shop that you are welcome to visit.

We process all orders in a comprehensive manner and taking into account the customer’s needs; therefore, we encourage you to contact us in order to present your needs to us. We offer assistance and provide information at each stage of the accomplishment.

We have an extensive fleet of machinery. We use Renishaw measurement probes, which enables us to produce workpieces with an accuracy of 5 microns, minimise material waste and reduce working time.

We offer comprehensive machining services in the full range – from CNC milling, through CNC cutting and turning to engraving and tapping/threading.

Our services also include finishing works – welding, painting and assembling.

Our core activity is machining of non-ferrous metals, wood, steel, plastics and other materials. For this, we take advantage of modern computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines.

In order to be able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers we have created three divisions that deal with orders for the industry, advertising and home.

We are a responsible and reliable company. We apply security policy in receivables management. This is confirmed by the certificates that we hold.


    We accomplish both small and big orders, always with care for the highest quality and timeliness of the services rendered.


    Our team consists of ambitious specialists who acquired experience in the course of the 12 years devoted to professional implementation of projects.


    We have at our disposal an extensive range of machinery and specialist software, which enables us to accomplish orders in a comprehensive manner.

Machinery fleet

We work on multi-axis machining centres. We also have extensive technical facilities in the form of milling machines, turning lathes, lasers, thermoformers, band saws, power saws as well as many other machines, which enables us to accomplish orders in a comprehensive manner and with short deadlines.

Our customers

Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority and therefore we both exercise utmost care with regard to the quality of services and ensure professional processing of orders.